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When Scrum Glasses impede your vision...

I've previously spoken about Scrum being akin to an eye test - when you put your Scrum specs on, you get to see what's going on. You know, what's going on with a team. Are they effective? Do they have what they need to be effective? What's getting in their way of being effective. And then some.

Here's the kicker though: effective is subjective.

Scrum speaks about Products, so when you walk into your new gig you might try to see effectiveness as to how well teams are formed around products. But, not all organisations create products & instead find value in delivering parts of products which they define as value.

You know what metaphor is coming right?

Yep. The good old cake metaphor.

Not every team is trying to build cakes, some teams deliver parts of cakes. And that's the point of this post. Organisational context is pretty much everything.

From there. Go forwards! The 2 minute video is here:



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