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Where will you be in your career five years from now?

Where will you be in your career five years from now?

Will you be an experienced Scrum Master?

Will you take on a developer or business analyst role?

Will you move into consulting, perhaps joining one of the Big Four consultancies?

Here’s the thing…

No matter your current level, technology and software are here to stay. If you're trying to find your place in this industry, it’s powerful to do it with intention!

Being clear about what you aim to achieve can significantly impact the actions you take.

For example:

Let's say you’re a newly qualified Scrum Master.

What skills are you actively trying to acquire to put your new knowledge into action?

How do you apply those skills to different roles such as project management or business analysis to help you get the job and bring value to it?

How are you assessing your capabilities to say, “Yes, I have a good understanding of that topic, and now I feel confident to try it in the real world”?

How do you gain insights into using data to help teams improve? What data should you focus on? What data should you ignore?

Whether it is Scrum Master, business analysis, project management, Agile Coaching, or Consulting, there is a wealth of knowledge that will greatly benefit you as a practitioner or as an aspiring practitioner.

The textbooks don’t always make it easy.

If reading about a topic was enough, we wouldn't need to go down to the local martial arts studio. When we watch, practice, and discuss ideas with experts, we learn how the theory does and doesn’t work. We learn about the little tweaks we need to make. We learn how to approach and apply the knowledge according to the context of the situation we are dealing with.

I strongly believe that my success as a practitioner was greatly helped by the mentorship and communities I have been part of.

Imagine this for your career development…

Imagine a question you’re too shy to ask on LinkedIn.

Imagine a technique you applied but it failed and you can’t see why.

Imagine a new way of estimating work that goes beyond velocity but hasn't been well explained.

Imagine any question you need help with, with no judgment, regardless of your experience level.

Imagine these scenarios answered through a messenger in your pocket on a daily basis.

All of the above is part of what we’ll be offering from July 1st, and we’re really excited to kick this off!

Access to the experts

We, “Jem & Terrence,” have worked with each other for over 15 years in the technology and software industry.

Between us, we’ve worked in roles such as Scrum Mastering, Product Ownership,

Business Analysis, Project Management, Head of Development, Agile Coaching, and QA Engineering, which led to consulting.

We run our own small consultancy where we are active practitioners and also expert teachers in Scrum and Kanban.

Over the years, we’ve made time to mentor and help many practitioners get started and/or sharpen up their skills so they can be valuable to any company they join in our space.

To join the community

It involves taking us for lunch once a month, and at $15, we think we are a VERY cheap date! ;p

To grab a seat in the community, you can send me an email at:

We look forward to meeting you :)


Jem & Terrence

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