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Tolerance over happiness to move forward.

As a coach and/or facilitator, we want to help teams figure out how to move forward.

Specifically in this little blurb on decisions.

Often though, the tricky business of giving teams autonomy & some impetus to move forward, we can fall into one of two extremes.

1. We get frustrated & hurry things along - picking out a strong opinion from the

bunch & railroading the others in the team. The other voices get lost, they might go with the decision but now they ain't so engaged & it might harbour some resentment.

2. .We try to please everyone & get stuck - we certainly invite all voices to be heard but we become focused on an individuals happiness with a decision. This can result in painful decision process which can create the "I can't be bothered for that retro again, we can't decide on one bloody thing" syndrome.

There's a way I like to handle this dynamic.

Here's how it works:

  • A decision pops up, could be a Team Working Agreement, Ways of Working, Agreeing on the Retrospective Item etc

  • People use their hands to vote using the numbers above, all at the same time

  • What we're looking for are any '0'

  • Because a '0' suggests that a person cannot tolerate the decision being presented

  • But here's the catch

  • If you vote a '0' you need to provide an offer

  • That gets put back into the mix, we invite a dialogue on the new option offered

  • Rinse & repeat

Remember to prime the team or group, that if we focus on happiness with every decision, we could be here a long, long time. Instead, let's focus on tolerance - if something is good enough to try, let's consider it because before you know it, the iteration will be over.



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