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The Worlds' most terrible Agile Metric...

Is the one which focuses on measuring the activity of a team or an individual.

Motion, movement & activity are bullshit measures that have nothing to do with effectiveness.

The 3 minute video version is here:

Imagine if you hired a personal trainer & your goal was to improve your cardiovascular health. One of the ways to impact that goal is to change how you eat. Your personal trainer has you eat more veggies. How does he/she know if you're making an impact on your goal?

Well they have decided to stand behind you and count the number of times you prick your veggies.

Ludicrous? Yep. But this is a common way of measuring the effectiveness of teams. Mistaking motion, movement & activity for progress.

Stay tuned for the next blog which looks at why people fall into this trap & how we can help them move away from this ineffective approach.



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