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5 things your manager does or has to help fail your Agile Transformation

Organisations are like cities, complex social systems where certain people hold more decision making power than others. In our context, we're talking about managers.

It makes sense to help managers align & support a transformation as much as it does to have the position of a human body get into a healthy, well positioned posture & mindset to achieve x goal.

But the world isn't a perfect place & Agile Transformations often throw managers in to support transformations with little or ineffective support in the inevitable challenges they will face.

The below 5 things are what I have seen over several transformations, in all cases, managers have always done or had, one or more of these things:

Dealing with these 5 things is never straight forward but there are things which I believe can help. Patterns if you like. It's not from a text book I've read but through trial & error & sometimes - when these famous 5 pop up - we can help managers try something different to get the transformation 'working'.

If you fancy hearing what you could try, check out the link below & I'll be adding a new video in a few days time.



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