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Shallow Scrum - rotating the ScrumMaster

When we understand a role to be "someone who manages the events" - it's inevitable that people will pass that role around in a team. What's the big deal? You can hold the Daily Scrum today, just make sure we keep it to 15 minutes & everyone tells us what they're up to.


The short response to understanding is, no that is not the ScrumMaster role.

I mean facilitating events & keeping to a time-box is certainly important in serving a development team. Just that you're only scratching the surface of what the role actually is.

Some hints for you would be to think about the 3 services a ScrumMaster provides. If you're throwing the role around like a badly wrapped present at a pass the parcel birthday party - you're just about touching the 1st service, which is service to the team.

There's quite a few examples to unpack on what happens when we rotate the SM role & I add a little more colour with examples on the clip below:


Jem :)

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