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Agile Coaching & paying your mortgage

How would you turn up to work if your mortgage was paid off - or say you were able to live rent free for a couple of years?

Would your voice be different? Would you find yourself having more difficult conversations, stepping more out of your comfort zone to help catalyse change?

I coined a term around 10+ years ago when I had to prioritise my mortgage over my voice. Of course, it's not all binary. Sometimes you can be more tenacious with a challenge at work to catalyse change & other times you can play the longer game. I get that.

Nothing is perfect & I always remind myself that it is the 'Art of the possible' when working with any kind of change. Just that when the Agile values switch places & we focus on the things on the right, I find myself forgetting why I began doing the work that I loved.

Mortgage Driven Development short video is here:

Where do you spend most of your time in your day job, left or right?

Until next time!


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